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Get fit with Windsor bootcamp

Bootcamp currently on Sabattical – we hope to move to warfield by April this space!

Burn more than 500 calories per session in our challenging but fun outdoors exercise class. The Diet’s Don’t Work Windsor Bootcamp is held outdoors at Batchelors Acre in the heart of scenic Windsor and it’s a great way to lose weight, get fit and tone up. The camp is a departure from the boredom, stagnation and lack of results that often come with working out on your own in a gym, with a lively, motivational group exercising together. The Windsor exercise class is run by REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) level 3 advanced instructor Adam Atkinson who does his best to keep the  class is fun, varied, effective and challenging.

  • The camp is for everyone from total beginners to advanced levels. We divide participants into three groups and the exercises are adjusted accordingly for each group. This way you are always exercising with someone at a similar level to yourself.
  • It’s effective: body weight outdoors style exercises are a proven way to get fit, improve tone and lose weight. The average calorie burn across the groups is 500 per class, but the fitter you get the more calories you will get through. The average distance covered by the beginners at our Exercise Class in Windsor is 3 kilometres, but we are always on hand to make sure that no one gets left behind.
  • Nutritional advice is available if you’d like it. Our instructors are also nutritional therapists, just ask if you need help or would like some tips.If you have tries another Windsor bootcamp you will know this is unique to us.
  • It’s different: many people give up fitness regimes because they get bored and don’t seem to get anywhere. Variety and change are the key to making your body adapt and change. Each week the Windsor exercise class is made up of different challenging and effective workouts, with team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength training, cardio routines and stretching.
  • Have fun together: once you are enrolled in a Windsor Bootcamp you are part of a team and never alone. The help of your instructor and fellow bootcampers means that you keep going when you would have stopped on your own and stay encouraged while encouraging others. The Exercise Class in Windsor is all about getting fit together.
  • It’s outdoorsy: recent research has shown that exercising outdoors is more effective than the gym or even indoor classes. Being outdoors leads to greater feelings of wellbeing both physically and mentally, while you breathe fresher air and burn more calories.

Bootcamp Timetable

There are two Windsor bootcamp classes a week, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.


The Exercise Class in Windsor is held on Batchelors Acre in Central Windsor, SL4 1EN. It’s adjacent to Windsor library (parking) and Windsor Liberal Club. It’s also just around the corner from the Corner Bar on Sheet Street.


The Windsor bootcamp is usually run by Diets Don’t Work founder Adam Atkinson, with our other trainers occasionally stepping in. We also have a bootcamp assistant trainer, Wilson the black labrador. A keen fitness enthusiast Wilson has experienced first hand the difficulties of maintaining a healthy weight. Wilson ensures any dogs attending the class are entertained as well as keeping an eye on bootcampers. He also does occasional (slow) trotting in pursuit of female dogs unlucky enough to walk in the park.


There is no need to book for the Windsor bootcamp! If it’s your first time you are entitled to a free trial (see below). After your free session your instructor will provide you with a form detailing payment options. Simply choose one of the options, bring the form and payment with you for your first full Bootcamp session! If you choose the standing order option for unlimited classes just fill in the form and give it to your bank. As soon as this has been set up you can start to get fit and toned, attending as many classes as you like.


Pay as you go £10 a session.

6 sessions paid in advance £54

10 sessions paid in advance £79

Unlimited classes £36 per month (standing order only). Please email to apply or speak to your Bootcamp instructor. We are happy to take cards or a cheque, for card payments please email.


It’s likely that you will get a bit dirty (part of the fun) and possibly wet (another part of the fun), so you might not want to wear your designer top. We train in all weathers and seasons, but remember that you will get hot in the class so we’d recommend layering sportswear with a synthetic wicking top.

Free Trial

Try the Windsor Bootcamp for free! Simply choose the class, print the bootcamp screening form, fill it in and bring it to the class with you. We recommend that you come 5-10 minutes early so that your instructor can introduce themselves and chat about your goals and current fitness levels. If you have forgotten your screening form or can’t print it the instructor can provide one for you to fill in before the class.