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Karma LargeFour dress sizes down, confidence boosted, sporty for life

Having a fixed target like a wedding or fun sports event is great for motivation and achieving your goals. But the ultimate aim at DDW is long term lifestyle change; to end up with fitness not as a destination but a way of life. Karma has gone from 15 stones to a slim 10/12 dress size, increased her confidence and integrated exercise into her life on a permanent basis.

Her thank you note says it better than we can…

IMG_4096“All I wanted was to lose 2 stone and feel happy in my dress at my sister’s wedding; what you actually managed to get me to do was to get me to lose 4 stone; wear a size 12 dress at the wedding; improve my overall health allowing me to manage the dreaded menopause better; increase my confidence to socialise more; start a sport and actually compete in it (and hit a sub-8 minute 2k row – woo hoo!) and give me a feeling I can do anything with the right level of effort and and most importantly with the support and training advice and motivating me when I needed it most. Thank you! Especially for the motivation and pushing me past my own barriers”.