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Unbelievable health and fitness gains

At his annual BUPA Premier Health assessment Nick was told his high cholesterol was “normal for someone his age”. I.e a bit high. Intent on changing this, he enlisted Diets Don’t Work help. Three months later, his cholesterol had fallen so much that his doctor didn’t believe it and had to double check the results.

One year in to Personal Training, Nick’s health check provides an official scientific record of his gains through exercise, motivation and nutritional improvement.

Since completing a regular exercise programme his episodes of back pain have ceased. Changes to his diet, incorporating a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables and limited saturated fat, which has been reflected by a significant improvement in his cholesterol profile. Chances of diseases like CHD (Britain’s biggest killer) have fallen dramatically as measured by follow up BUPA reports.

Nick has achieved what we hope of all clients – exercise and healthy eating are now an integral part of his life. Our sessions keep him challenged and motivated but he also uses all the tools and information that we have given him on his own and even when travelling. The 80/20 eating guide has also become habitual, allowing for nights out and general fun too, balanced by regular exercise and sensible eating.*

*Disclaimer: please note that results may vary from person to person. You will need to be reasonably dedicated, take on board our nutritional advice and work hard (for your level) in the sessions.