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Lizzie Taylor – 2012 scholarship winner

Each year, in association with the Maidenhead Advertiser, we have our DDW fitness scholarship.The winner receives 6 free Personal Training sessions including nutritional assessment, homework programmes and out of session support. Readers are asked to write to us outlining their past struggles with fitness and weight loss, future goals and why they would benefit the most from some professional help. This year, having deliberated carefully, we chose Lizzie Taylor of Maidenhead.*

After her 3 weeks of training Lizzie says: “Thanks so much for offering this scholarship.Very timely, if I had hit 14 stone I would have fallen off the precipice psychologically. I feel so much better, fitter and ready to tackle the weight again using your techniques. Many many thanks, it’s been a wonderfully positive thing all round”.*

Greta Morrisson – age 65, Holyport

I have had many trainers over the years and have found that my Diets Don’t Work Personal Tainer is the most knowledgeable and informative so far. Our training is fun and interesting, and has helped me maintain my health and fitness. I feel fit and healthy and have improved my bone density with the resistance training.*

Emma – age 18, London
“Jill is an inspirational Personal Trainer who has become my friend and confidante. She has all the qualities needed to get the best out of me. Her training sessions are fun, varied and have greatly improved my fitness. Jill leads by example and is able to help with advice on healthy lifestyles and is able to motivate me to work hard between sessions. Jill takes her work seriously, is always punctual and makes every session enjoyable. I look forward to the sessions each week and I can definitely see the benefits“.*

Roger – age 53, London
“Dear Mr Atkinson,
I wish to make a complaint about the service that you have provided me over the last year and in particular since February of 2011.
Yesterday was a typical summers day in the UK  (very, very wet), so I cancelled my plans to take my bike to a classic car show and decided to do some work around the house; this was of course after spending a hour and a half in the gym. I decided to tidy my wardrobe only to find that 80% of my clothes didn’t fit me anymore!”*

Vicki – age 28, Leeds
“When I first started training with Ollie I was recovering from repeated injuries and lacking in motivation to tackle my second Olympic distance Triathlon. Through a structured programme of core work, strength training and speed work I gained confidence and despite training 6 days a week I remained injury free. However, the biggest achievement by Ollie was to help me reduce my finishing time by a massive 25 minutes meaning I achieved my goal of completing the Triathlon in under 3 hours. Next target is for Ollie to help me finish in 2hrs 45 mins…!”*

Elaine – age 49, Maidenhead
“I’ve been training with a DDW trainer for nearly a year now and the results have been great. Steady, sustainable weight loss with realistic personal targets for both weight loss and training. My trainer is very knowledgable and totally supportive. I’ve tried other trainers and never stuck with them because they have been so inflexible. The DDW trainers have a very different and personalised approach”*

*Disclaimer: please note that results may vary from person to person. You will need to be reasonably dedicated, take on board our nutritional advice and work hard (for your level) in the sessions.