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Adam is the founder of Diets Don’t Work and the driver behind the Diets Don’t Work Method. He is also our Training Director. He has personally trained many of the success stories featured on our home page, who are all still suffering his jokes while doing the dreaded “Turkish get up” or some other similar home training exercise. Despite his fine accent and classical degree, Adam was born and raised in Barbados, but returned to the U.K. for school and University. A first team player at 4 different school sports, he went on to play rugby and squash at university level, and was the 1st XV player of the year as a fresher (and the smallest man on the team!).

Adam got seriously into extreme sports in Barbados, and can give excellent advice on most of these from windsurfing to snowboarding. His extremely varied life experience and specialist weight loss know-how combine with a sharp wit for fun and effective training. He is also the owner (but not quite master!) of our mascot brothers, black Labrador Wilson and Ryder, who attend as many sessions as they are allowed to, strictly in a supervisory role.

Villinelle Mystify me, aka Wilson

Villinelle Mystify me, aka Wilson

Desert Island Selection

Album: All That You Can’t Leave Behind by U2
Film: Finding Nemo
Food: Milk
Single luxury item: His guitar

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Areas of specific expertise

Advanced nutrition – Weight loss – Kettlebells – Free weights – Fit for golf – Rowing – Interval training