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Annie holds the Premier Global Dip PT and is an advanced REPS level 3 trainer. Annie is fun loving and physical and is passionate about martial arts, especially Judo, so you better do what she says.  She was not a slim child and enjoyed sitting on other children, but slimmed up to become a dancer. Annie taught and danced professionally for 7 years, including classes for deaf children.

Annie believes that exercise and fitness can be life changing. A firm believer in the Diets Don’t Work Method, she is enthusiastic and motivated and will use whatever it takes to enthuse clients into achieving their goals, whether it’s CV conditioning, weight loss, self defence, aerobics or dance she’ll work with you to make it happen.

Desert Island Selection

Album: Abbey Road by The Beatles
Movie: Amelie
Food: coconuts
Single luxury item: a landline

Personal Training areas covered

Windsor – Ascot – Maidenhead – Taplow

Areas of specific expertise:

Kettlebells – Weight loss – Free weights – Circuit training –  Dance training