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Jody has a passion for sports and fitness. She loves taking part, loves coaching and, most of all, she loves seeing others discover the same passion for a fit, healthy lifestyle. Over the years, she has used exercise and fitness for her own personal development and progression. She was an overweight teenager and has firsthand experience of weight loss, having struggled with her weight for many years. Jody then became interested in muscular conditioning and went on to endurance training as she started to compete in half marathons and triathlons. Her own experiences now form the basis of her approach.
She comes highly qualified, with REPS level 3 (advanced) and offers inspirational fitness solutions that fit with your lifestyle, in line with the Diets Don’t Work Method. She specializes in muscle toning, pre and post-natal exercise and enjoys working with a variety of equipment including kettlebells and boxercise.

Desert Island Selection

Album: We Started Nothing by the Ting Tings
Movie: Thelma and Louise
Food: Potatoes
Single luxury Item: A jet-ski

Personal Training areas covered

Watford – Rickmansworth – Bushey

Areas of specific expertise

Nutrition – Weight loss – Bosu ball – Kettlebells – Boxercise – Free weights – Strength training – Resistance cables