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As 12 times British windsurfing champion (4th place world ranking) Keith knows first hand what it takes to get into tip top shape. He can help you to find the motivation, vision, commitment and perseverance to reach your goals even if you are an absolute beginner. Keith uses his experience gained over many years on the world windsurfing tour not just to help clients get fit and toned but also to balance the pressures of work, travel and family life with structured exercise and healthy eating. He knows that self-motivation is not always easy and so focuses on step by step change for lasting success.

Keith spent many of his younger years suffering from lower back pain and other sport related injuries; coming from this to the top of a highly competitive sport has instilled a belief that you really can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. It has also taught him the importance of a balanced posture and good core stability which are both targeted in his sessions.

Keith is extremely well qualified in a wide range of disciplines; his fun but challenging approach will give you the best possible chance of success whatever your goals.

Desert island selection

Album: Meteora by Linkin Park
Movie: Transformers
Food: Rare fillet steak
Single luxury item: Windsurfer

Personal Training areas covered

Windsor – Ascot – SunningdaleMaidenhead

Areas of specific expertise

Tri planar kettlebells – Core stability – Powerplate training