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Linzey is a fit all round action girl. After finishing her degree in music and French (in both Paris and London) she travelled the world, not just to see it but to enjoy some daredevil action too. Her favourite places include New Zealand, India and Nepal. She has done lots of high altitude treks, particularly during her seasons spent in Chamonix and Morzine, where she would hike peaks to snowboard back down and get the best lines. Not content with the danger factor there Linzey has also done sky diving, glacier trekking, scuba diving and generally anything that gets you outdoors and in a natural environment.

A holder of the Premier Dip PT, she is both a kettlebell and a TRX expert, as well as having great success with clients in general fitness and weight loss. Linzey has also done lots of 10km and half/full marathons. She thinks you only have one life and should live it well!!

Desert Island Selection

Album: God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols
Film: True Romance
Food: Sushi
Single luxury Item: Chocolate

Personal Training areas covered

Leeds – Roundhay – Chapel Allerton

Areas of specific expertise

Nutrition – Weight loss – TRX – Kettlebells – Free weights – Strength training – Boxercise