What we Learned in 2008 Continued

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Our January review of the year and what the scientists said was both good and bad for us continues.

On today’s list we look at Diet drinks. Unfortunately these fall into the category of things that are bad for us. They may in fact be making us fat. It sounds counter intuitive but research in February showed that rats that were fed zero calorie sweeteners ate more and put on more weight than those fed food sweetened with glucose. The leaders of the study believe that artificial sweeteners prepare the body for an intake of calories; when they don’t get this intake the system gets confused and remains hungry or becomes hungrier.

Remember though that all nutrition issues are at times conflicting and it’s often the case that the best way forward for weight loss and personal training in to find what works best for an individual client. Although this study says that diet drinks may make you feel hungrier, for many they are certainly better than guzzling fizzy pop all day. For many of our personal training clients in London once we can reduce or halt intake of sugary drinks (including wine and beer!!) half the battle is won-with consistent exercise the resultant reduction in calories is enough to get a sustainable 2lbs of weight loss a week, with the added bonus that having a personal trainer brings of fitness, health, confidence and longevity. If in doubt have a look at our nutrition fact sheet on the knowledge page.