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Ok so it’s the supposed worst day of the year with divorce rates at their highest than any other day of the year. So it’s likely that you are not loving the idea of actually following through with that resolution to lose two stones and look like a god (dess). Over the next ten days I will be going through some insider personal trainer tips to get you going, get you there and keep you there. The most important thing to remember is that t is eminently possible for you to get that buff figure, lots of our personal trainer clients have done it (have a look at the testimonials on the Success Stories page). So you can do it too. Don’t let past failures put you off, it wasn’t you, it was just that you were going about it the wrong way. Here’s the right one.

TIP 1: Set the Target. At first ou might be thinking of running the marathon, but this will seem like a daunting task, one that you might never achieve. So it’s really important that the goals you set are achievable and sensible. A good way of doing thins is to divide your goals up into short, medium and long term ones. Start with the short term ones first, while keeping the other two in the back of your mind. So if you want to do the marathon, and lose 2 stone, start with a 10k run, do the correct resistance training (a personal trainer will help here) and correct running and you will get through. Then move on to the next goal, and so on. Weight wise, look at losing 5 lbs first, hit that target and you will get there in the end. So don’t be unrealistic. Sure if you are already doing 10k runs, then dive in to marathon training, but if you’ve been watching Grey’s and eating bug macs then just being able to go for 1 mile might be a good first target.

There are lots of online resources, including us, so if you are really serious and need a personal trainer in London, Windsor, Maidenhead or Bracknell then we can help.

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