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A brief history of Personal Training

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The history of personal training  began earlier than you would think. Pictures on tombs indicate that weightlifting may have been practiced in 2500B.C. By the sixth century B.C., strength training was predominant in Greece. More currently, professional strongmen appeared as entertainers in traveling shows in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the United States and Europe.

During the 1920’s, Jack LaLanne began to develop fitness programs and fitness equipment which served as the groundwork of the modern fitness movement At that time his idea was considered weird but history confirms that he was a cutting edge health and fitness practitioner for his time.

During the 1940s Dr. Thomas DeLorme brought some respectability to weight training by showing the health benefits of weight training to likely patients. In the 1960s the modern fitness movement began with Dr. Kenneth J Cooper when he introduced the term AEROBICS, and the fitness and health craze had its main-stream start. Cooper’s philosophy focused on disease prevention and stressed the importance of having epidemiological data to support the benefits of regular exercise. Dr. Cooper is recognized as the founder of modern fitness movement.

The idea of personalised training, as we define it today, is well over 100 years old. However, terms like fitness professional, personal trainer and personal fitness trainer were not associated with the early days of our industry.

The rapid expansion and development in the industry are truly astonishing. Personal training has a growth rate of 25 percent per year (Reed 1999) and today personal trainers are recognised and respected professionals everywhere in the world. This is amazing news for the new trainers coming into the industry.

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