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A Cup of Tea keeps Cancer Away

By February 9, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

I cuf you want to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer try drinking 3 cups of tea a day saysthe Daily Telegraph.

A survey of 5000 women in Florida found that those that did so had a 37% less chance of developing a tumour. The beneficial effect is thought to be due to health-giving chemicals contained in tea called polyphenols, which are known to fight disease. Previous tests have shown that it can also provide protection against heart disease and can lower cholesterol.

“Given that tea is the most common beverage in the world, it makes an attractive candidate for breast cancer prevention” said Dr Nagi Kumar of the Moffit Cancer centre in Tampa, Florida who led the research. However she went on to note that tea drinking in women over 50 did not seem effective in preventing cancer, possibly because the polyphenols only act against the types of tumour found in younger women.

So yet again something that many personal trainers might advise you to avoid (caffene in drinks has traditionally been a personal trainer no-no) turns out to actualy have some benefits; remember that many foods and drinks have both a good and bad side to them, and that the key is to try and follow the diets don’t work philosophy of moderation in all things and trying to stick to he wholefood nutrition plan as much as possible.

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