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A new antibiotic warning

By November 26, 2009 October 29th, 2011 No Comments

GP’s have once again warned to stop prescribing antibiotics to patients who don’t need them, says a report in the Daily Telegraph recently. The practice is not only costly to the NHS, but also dangerous, because the proliferation of  the drugs is allowing an increasing number of bugs such as MRSA to develop resistance to them. The European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control warns that if trends continue, all sorts of routine operations (hip replacements, for instance) will become potentially lethal because there will be no way of treating subsequent infections.

Patients put pressure on GPs to prescribe antibiotics, but do not realise that coughs and colds are usually caused by viruses and so will not respond to antibiotics which only target bacteria.

The best way to deal with these common colds is to stay as healthy as possible thus keeping a strong immune system. Resistance training, cardio vascular work and healthy eating are all areas that our personal trainers encourage clients to do not just in personal training sessions but also on their own as general lifestyle improvement. Being strong and fit can really make a difference. Several of our personal training clients in Windsor and Maidenhead have independently commented that since they started personal training ad got much fitter and healthier they have not had a single cold or flu virus.

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