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Birthday Greetings Fitness Fans

By February 12, 2009 August 16th, 2019 No Comments

So today is my Birthday, and I’ve still been out in the ice making certain personal training clients who shall remain nameless run up and down a lovely hill in Swinley forest. I am 38 today,(don’t tell), but due to the balanced exercise/nutrition/relaxing time that I have stick to I of course look at least 10 years younger! My dad says that we are from young stock ha ha!

For the first time this year I have written down some good things that I have done in this 37th year, here they are:

1-Learned how to kitesurf.

2-Improved my 2000m time on the concept 2 rower from 6:56 to 6:48, not bad for someone with very short legs who was called a pit pony yesterday.

3-Gone up 6 rankings in my squash club and broken into the 2nd team.

Having done these things I have finally come to the verdict that practice actually does work. In rowing I downloaded a 2k training programme from concept 2, and actually did most of the rows over a 3 month period. Low and behold, it worked, nearly 10 seconds is a big deal over 2k. In squash I had some coaching, and then practiced the drills given on my own 3 times a week for 25 minutes each. It worked! So if there is something that you have always wanted to do or get good at just give it a try; the correct type of practice is important, so instead of half heartily going through something, really focus and practice well. It’s better to practice well for 10 minutes than to practice poorly for an hour. The same is true of the gym and exercise in general-it’s the quality that matters more than the quantity. I’ve always been the “practice won’t make a difference” type of person, but now that I’ve actually tried it I can really vouch for it. Try also to do a small list of good things that you’ve done in the year on your birthday-even if it’s just small things like finally cleaning out the shed, it’s still an achievement. Go for it. Thanks for reading all my blogs, call if you want to get fitter and lose weight, I will do my personal training upmost for you.

Adam & The DDW! team.

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