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Britain leads obesity tables – Diets Don’t Work to stop the rot

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A recent poll has put the UK  at number 1 of the European Union obesity tables. Figures from the Association of Public Health Observatories reveal the UK is the fattest EU member. And within the UK it was the West Midlands that had the highest percentage of obese adults at 29% – nearly double the EU average of 14% and much higher than the 19% rate seen in Greater London.

Professor Steve Field of the Royal College of General Practitioners said: “I’m appalled by the figures and feel ashamed as a GP working in the West Midlands that this area has the highest percentage of obese adults in Europe.”

“Obesity is a major problem and predictor of ill health throughout a patient’s life, causing serious illnesses”.

“I hope we will be able to do more in the future to get people to take responsibility for their own health and take more exercise and eat sensibly.”

A Department of Health spokesman said: “The government has made it clear that tackling health inequalities is a priority as part of its commitment to fairness and social justice.”

“Action to tackle health inequalities is at the centre of our approach to public health.

“We will aim to use the least intrusive approach necessary to achieve the desired effect.

“We will seek to use approaches that focus on enabling and guiding people’s choices wherever possible.”

Although health studies done by the government have also discounted the effect of exercise in weight loss, citing the limited number of calories burned when actually doing activity, remember that you are not just burning fuel during the actual exercise itself. There will be a period of time after you have finished where the metabolic rate remains elevated (afterburn), resistance training will increase the metabolic rate outside of exercise and being physically challenged in exercise is a great motivator to start to lose weight and tackle both sides of the equation.

The DDW ethos of weight loss through exercise has worked for very nearly ALL of our personal training clients so we are putting ourselves up for health minister effective immediate – watch this space!!

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