Britain’s “five a day” failure

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The “five a day” target for fruit and veg is only being met by 12% of Britons, a new survey by TNS has revealed. And 12% don’t eat ant fruit and vegetables at all. On average people eat two and a half portions a day. On the upside though there is evidence that parents are making more of an effort to feed their children healthily: only 27% now buy their children what they want all the time, down from 41% in 2005. A majority of people are trying to eat more vegetables, and 14%  more young people are cooking meals from scratch. At Diets Don’t Work we are always encouraging our personal training clients to eat more fruit and vegetables (remember that once you buy a block booking of 6 or more sessions nutritional help is included) These foods not only improve your immune system, provide lots of fibre for the digestive tract, and provide micro nutrients, but they are also cheap, fill you up quickly and, especially in the case of most vegetables (the green leafy ones are particularly good), they have a relatively low GI and so will fill you up for longer and give a steady release of energy into the blood stream, making it easier for you to eat well and lose weight successfully.

As with most nutritional things one of the key areas is planning. Try to sort your surroundings, so that when you shop, you buy mainly healthy items, so that at home there is a ready supply of fruit and vegetables at hand. This takes the hassle out of eating well and makes success much more likely!

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