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Chocolate Tax Proposed

By March 12, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

A Scottish GP has called for chocolate to be taxed in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes to tackle increasing levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Dr David Walker, a GP in Lanarkshire, said many people eat their entire daily calorie requirement in chocolate, on top of their normal meals. The doctor said chocolate used to be seen as a “treat” but had now become an harmful addiction for some. He will put his proposals to colleagues at a BMA conference in Clydebank. Dr Walker said that a 225g bag of chocolate sweets contained almost 1,200 calories – almost half the recommended daily calorie intake for a man – and could be eaten incredibly quickly. He warned that many people were consuming this amount of chocolate on a daily basis, as well as their normal meals, and were unaware of the harm it was doing.

This new proposal is unlikely to work in our humble opinion here at Diets Don’t Work. Historically making something more expensive that is perceived to be an addictive substance as stated in the article just makes it more expensive, not any less desirable. It’s a typically one sided approach; government should instead take a more balanced look at why everyone is getting more fat. Perhaps looking at the large number of schools who have no compulsory sports or PE lessons, have sold off playing fields and have an under staffing problem in the sports department are larger issues. Being fat is not just because of chocolate, but is a much more complex issue, involving lots of factors. The key is to have a balanced lifestyle with enough good nutrition and exercise to allow you to have the odd treat here and there.As personal trainers we advise clients to try and follow the 80/20 rule, so that for 80% of the time you are really good, which alows you to be less good for the other 20% of the time. We specialise in weight loss through personal training and good nutrition and it works very very well!

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