Weight loss 8 stone; fitness gain immeasurable

Diana has lost over 8 stone training with us and has discovered a knack for indoor rowing. She now sports 2 British national gold medals, one silver and holds the world record for the women masters indoor rowing team relay.

Diana’s story in her own words:

“I was a fit and slim teenager but long hours desk-bound in a high pressure job combined with over-indulgent eating habits had led to an inexorable, steady increase in weight so that by my mid-50s I had weighed in around 17-19 stone for several years. While not embracing the various fad diets, I had tried to lose weight from time to time but to no avail.

A mutual friend rigged an introduction for me to Adam, founder of Diets Don’t Work and I found myself tentatively signed up for a few sessions with him.  Initially, I asked him to help me get fitter rather than talk to me about losing weight, which I had no confidence in being able to do. But then the weight started coming off as well!  Two years later, the results speak for themselves through the photographs. I lost nearly 8 stone (50 kgs for those who think metric!) and am fitter than I’ve been since my teenage years if not even fitter!

Achieved by a combination of exercise and sensible diet improvements and trade-offs. A growing addiction to the endorphins generated by intense exercise has forced on me a more balanced lifestyle. And it has its compensations! I’ve thrown away all my old clothes and acquired a completely new wardrobe. And my arm, leg and shoulder muscles are the envy of many friends much younger than myself.

The fitness improvements have been dramatic: I’ve gone from a wobbly plank of 11 secs to a PB of 3 mins 50 secs; from not being able to walk up a local hill without puffing to just having returned from Chile and Bolivia trekking and walking up mountains at over 5,000 metres (over 16,000 ft).  I now dance, run, play badminton, kayak and still train with Adam 3 times a week. And the weight is staying off. It’s been a truly life-changing experience.”

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