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Dieting in pregnancy

By September 21, 2008 December 13th, 2011 No Comments

Women who try to remain too trim by dieting during pregnancy could be condemning their children to a lifetime of weight problems reports the Daily Mail. Researchers believe that if a baby is deprived of food in the womb, its fat cells develop abnormally, with the result that it gains weight more rapidly during childhood. “Whether we become obese is often established before and soon after we are born, and is influenced by both the eating habits of our mothers and by the nutrition we received as babies in the months after birth”, says Dr Helen Budge of the University Hospital in Nottingham. Processes set up early on in our lives can have life long effects.

At Diets Don’t Work our trainers are trained in pre and post natal health and fitness-during the pre natal period training sessions focus on a healthy and well rounded nutrition plan, keeping cardo-vascular fitness and maintaining lean muscle mass for a quicker and safer birth. It also has the added benefit of making the return to your pre-pregnancy weight smoother and quicker. We also target proprioception and balance based exercise to help keep clients physicaly and posturally balnced during the physiolagical changes that occur in pregnancy.

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