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Do an explosive warm up to build more strength

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A standard warm up should take you gently from your resting heart rate and gradually build up to twice resting heart rate, and might take the form of walking which would progress into a jog and from there into running. Some upper body dynamic stretching is also effective and some slow controlled squats to wake up the legs will work well too. Once you are warmed up though some more explosive moves will help you develop more power in your training session. Plyometrics, or fast explosive moves like jumping up onto a step and then lowering into a squat, or a jump down off a step and a squat, jumping lunges, jumping jacks and similar moves will fire up the nervous system and awaken your fast twitch muscle fibres. These muscle fibres are responsible for fast powerful movements and so by warming them up too (and not just the normal muscle fibres that you might use in conventional training) you will get the most out of your session.

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