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Does Swimming Make People Fat?

By March 9, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

If you are exercising to lose weight then be aware that some sports are more suitable than others, although all exercise will help if you are eating well. New research shows that certain forms of exercise cause participants to feel more hungry than others, with the result that calories burned off are more likely to be replaced. Swimming in cold water for instance, tends to make people crave high fat foods like biscuits, while mid to low intensity exercise like walking has little or no impact on appetite. On the other side of the coin running on a hot day actually suppresses hunger. The findings, said Dr David Stensel of Loughborough University (who led the research) are related to the production of the appetite hormone ghrelin, which is suppressed by certain types of exercise at certain temperatures and stimulated by others.

“The body tends to respond to exercise so it can do it more efficiently in future” said Dr Stensel, and this helps to explain why running encourages your body to lose fat, as they will do it better next time if you have a lower body weight. Swimmers though, especially those who swim in colder water, encourage their body to keep a layer of fat as an insulator, just like a seal.

Note if you are a swimmer and swimming is the exercise that you like don’t give up, as if you eat well and swim it’s still likely that you will begin to change shape and tone up, but just try to keep it varied and include some other sports in your routine, especially resistance training, and also some outdoors jogging if you can.

This new research also validates the great success that we have at Diets Don’t Work with home personal training. As often as possible we train clients outdoors, and in winter this burns lots more calories as your body has to work harder to maintain it’s core temperature. As the weather gets warmer the outdoors personal training makes clients hot and sweaty, and so encourages their body to lose fat.

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