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Don’t Get Fat on Holiday

By July 19, 2010 January 27th, 2012 No Comments

Many of our dedicated and keen personal trainer clients in  London and Berkshire are off on holiday over the course of the next few weeks daahling. It would seem that summer really is here. Now an unfortunate rule of fitness and weight is this: to lose weight and keep it off you need to be really quite good and lose just 1-2 lbs a week. This ensures that you will not lose any lean muscle mass, thus depressing your metabolic rate, decreasing the number of calories you use each day in the long term and so making weight gain after your efforts likely. Now the unfair part: to put on weight all you have to do is stop exercising, eat lots of scones, and hey presto you are not so much a mountain goat as a weighty water buffalo.

Now of course we want you to have fun on your hollies, but if you can just try to be pre-emptive and exercise a bit then all will be well. So if you are staying at an all-inclusive, and it’s whole Hawaiian pig roast night with mojitos thrown in, a light breakfast, steady lunch and little jog on the beach in the morning will mean that you can have fun with a reasonably clear conscience. Some sets of squats would also help as they use so many muscles and so keep the calorie-burning lean muscle going.

So have fun, and remember your sun block.

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