Nutrition and Fitness ApproachA dual approach – exercise and nutrition

One of the most common reasons people fail to get fit and lose weight is because they approach the problem from just one side. They either try diet alone or exercise alone. But your weight is an equation with two sides, exercise and nutrition. The Diets Don’t Work method addresses both these to achieve your weight and fitness goals. Our Personal Trainers introduce structured exercise at the same time as also providing professional nutritional analysis and help. This double sided approach is included at no extra charge with all block bookings of six or more personal training sessions.

Eating changes must be realistic and achievable

Our trainers also understand that changes need to be realistic and achievable. Long term success comes through sensible no fad eating and by following a whole food diet with lots of variety. You can eat a lot of food and feel full, it just needs to be the right type of food. We will show you what theses foods are.

Sweeping changes can be hard to maintain, so we help you to improve your eating step by step. Small adjustments made one week at a time soon add up to a big, healthy change. Our 80/20 rule allows for treats too. Healthy nutrition 80% of the time combined with structured exercise means that you have leeway for occasional treats and lapses.

Up to date, science based nutritional advice

Our nutritional counselling is developed and supported by the latest scientific research. We look at often ignored aspects of eating for health and vitality: timing and frequency of meals, the link between insulin and fat storage, correct endocrine function and the often conflicting advice of both media and government. Our Blogincludes a number or articles on this subject.

Targeting mental attitudes to eating

The psychological component of stress, comfort and addictive eating are also areas that we tackle. Referral to counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy and recruitment of friends and family are ways that we deal with difficult cases if necessary.

Comprehensive screening process.

Our screening process also includes a lifestyle assessment where you score yourself on quality of sleep, self esteem, body image and stress. These are important factors in your overall well being and can directly affect your eating. Building this all round picture of where you are now, helps us to develop a more effective plan of action to take you forward.

Continuing assessment and food diary analysis ensure that success is ongoing; this way we can keep tabs on any problems that you might be having and tackle them together.