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Energy Systems-Where is the Energy Made?

By July 23, 2009 September 7th, 2019 No Comments

We now have an overview from the last three blogs on how the energy systems work, and what intensity and duration they are used for. But where is this energy actually made? All three systems produce energy at the cellular level, but in different places within the actual cell. Aerobic energy production occurs in organelles (small cell structures) called mitochondria. The larger the mitochondria within a cell, the greater potential energy that cell has from ATP. This could mean that an athlete could run, swim or cycle for a sustained period of time without fatigue. The CP and lactate systems also produce energy in the cells, but outside the mitochondria in the cell cytoplasm.

Remember that there is a summary of energy systems on our the knowledge page, with pretty diagrams. Have a look. In the next blog we will put all of this science together and look at how understanding energy systems is vitally important if you want to get fitter or better at a particular activity. By understanding which activity uses which energy system we can pinpoint that system and train it to be better. This is not just important for a personal trainer but for anyone who wants to improve, get fitter, lose weight tone up, build lean muscle etc.

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