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Even a tiny bit of exercise helps

By August 8, 2011 December 15th, 2011 No Comments

Proper exercise is best, but if you can’t manage that then simple tweaks to your routine such as walking over to speak to a colleague at work rather than sending an email may have a positive impact on your physical health, reports Researchers in Canada analysed 135 sedentary obese adults and found that their “incidental activity” (things like walking, lifting objects) had a small but significant impact on their cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), which is a predictor of heart disease and stroke.

“In the commercial breaks during TV shows get up and put something away or run up to your room and grab something” advised researcher Ashlee McGuire of Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. “Those minutes are going to add up over the day”. She stressed, however, that while such low level activity is better than doing nothing, it’s not a replacement for the recommended 30 minutes a day of higher intensity exercise.

This story was largely mis-reported in the UK media, with many sources saying that only small levels of everyday activity are enough to keep you fit. Although this will help, especially in terms of weight loss as all those extra calories add up, some proper more intense exercise is needed to have a good base level of fitness, enjoy life to the full and really lower your chances of getting life threatening disease.

Even one or two personal training sessions a week might just be what you need to get started and get the right amount of exercise in the most time efficient way!

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