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Exercise Less to get Fitter

By March 31, 2010 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Finally some good news. Keeping fit does not have to take hours: according to new research from Canada, the body gets as much benefit from short 10 minute bursts of high intensity exercise as it does from 10 hours of training moderately.The technique is known as high intensity interval training, which involves running, cycling or rowing at near maximal intensity followed by a minute of recovery and then repeating the process 10 times. It is possible to do more by doing less, said professor Martin Gibala.

As many of my blogs keep reiterating, although longer distance/duration exercise does have it’s place, shorter bouts of intense exercise interspersed with recovery have the benefits of

  • improving fitness more quickly
  • creating a longer afterburn after exercise with more calories from fat burned for longer
  • more interest, as it’s not a long slog but a mental focus on each coming interval
  • more time effective, fits into your day better

So give it a try. A good example of this type of training is the very very horrid training programme I am doing in an effort to get top of the leader board on the Windsor Leisure centre concept 2 2000m rowing chart. Tomorrow I have to do 8 90 second intervals at 1:37-1:40/5oom pace. Ugh.

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