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Is your Personal Trainer first aid qualified?

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In order to be fully insured and qualified your personal trainer should have a relevant first aid certificate. All our DDW trainers in London, The Chilterns, Leeds and the Thames Valley have a relevant first aid certificate. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have to attend accident and emergency each year through injury. You don’t have to be superman to help, but some simple first aid could mean the difference between life and death. It’s something that it’s better to have and never need as opposed to something you need but don’t have!! Here are some common misconceptions about first aid-

Top ten first aid misconceptions:

  1. You should put butter or cream on a burn. The only thing you should put on a burn is cold water – keep the butter for cooking.
  2. If you can’t move a limb, it must be broken/If you can move a limb, it can’t be broken. The only accurate way to diagnose a broken limb is to x-ray it.
  3. The best way to treat bleeding is to put the wound under a tap. If you put a bleeding wound under a tap you wash away the body’s clotting agents and make it bleed more. Elevate and compress the wound, if bleeding is profuse seek emergency assistance and apply a tourniquet, but only fo a short period of time (see below).
  4. Nosebleeds are best treated by putting the head back. If you put the head back during a nosebleed, all the blood goes down the back of the airway presenting a choking risk. Compress the nose and sit still until the bleeding stops.
  5. A tourniquet is the best way to treat serious bleeding. It’s harmful to stop the blood flow to a limb for more than 10-15 minutes.
  6. If someone has swallowed a poison you should make them sick. If you make someone sick by putting your fingers in their mouth, the vomit may block their airway. Large amounts of sale with water should induce vomiting. Keep the label of the ingested substance with you and inform emergency services what he or she has taken.
  7. If you perform CPR on someone who has a pulse you can damage their heart. The evidence is that it isn’t dangerous to do chest compressions on a casualty with a pulse.
  8. You need lots of training to do first aid. You don’t – what you mostly need is common sense. You can learn enough first aid in ten minutes to save someone’s life.
  9. You need lots of expensive equipment to do first aid. You don’t need any equipment to do first aid, there are lots of ways to improvise anything you need.

Remember: anyone can save a life

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