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Fitness Myths Explained by Adam Atkinson our Personal Trainer In Windsor and Maidenhead

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Today’s topic-Can I change the physique I was born with?

True AND false. If you were born with thick ankles and not the longest of legs (like me), then you will never have thin elegant legs no matter how hard you train. So you might not actually get to feature in swan lake. You can however, by focusing on the right sort of training, keep as much fat off as possible and with good muscle tone and flexibility look your very best. By exercising the upper back and shoulder girdle you can also ensure that you keep a good upright posture and look lean and elongated. Similarly, if you are a very tall and willowy type, you will struggle to be as curvy as someone with a natural hour glass shape, but through good nutrition and exercise will be able to lok your best for your morphology. So you can’t change the basic bone structure that you were born with, but you can really help yourself by exercising and eating well thus making the most of what you’ve got. If you really want to get going then a course of personal training with one of our experienced personal trainers will help you get specifically what you need.

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