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Forget the gym, jog in the park

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If you want to get fit, boost energy levels and improve your mood don’t go to the gym says the Daily Mail. A walk in the great outdoors is better for the body and the mind than pounding away on the treadmill says a new study. Those who burn calories in the park or hiking also feel happier than their gym counterparts. The outdoors exercisers also have more energy and can concentrate at work better. It is thought that being surrounded by nature encourages the mind to relax, while the feeling of escaping from everyday life may help to beat the blues. You might also feel happier about saving money on your gym membership.

The findings come from a review of 25 studies comparing exercise in natural environments (parks, university grounds, forests) with synthetic ones like the gym and leisure centres. Exercising outdoors is better at reducing anger, fatigue and sadness, says the journal BMC Public Health. Those who chose an open air workout also felt more energetic and often found it easier to concentrate. However there was no evidence to show that this outdoors action had any extra benefits over the gym in terms of immune system strength or blood pressure.

The University of Bangor researchers said “this systematic review contributes a rigorous and objective synthesis of the evidence for added benefits to health from activities in a natural environment”.

Part of the services provided by a personal trainer from Diets Don’t Work is the option to train not just at home or in your garden but also in some of the very pretty spaces and parks in London, The Thames Valley, The Chilterns and Leeds. Training outdoors also burns more calories as the body has to work harder to maintain core temperature in colder weather.

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