Fully equipped trainersPortable, versatile, functional kit

Our trainers come to you and bring with them to the sessions modern, portable and versatile equipment that is just as effective as traditional gym based training, if not more so. With no heavy machines to hide behind, The Diets Don’t Work approach is more varied, fun and functional. The kit we use is just as effective outdoors as it is indoors; it’s portability and affordability also means that you can, if you want, buy some yourself and use it on your own, as part of your homework.     

Examples of training equipment we use for both home and outdoors sessions include:

  1. CRX suspension training
  2. Free weights
  3. Bar bells
  4. Boxing pads
  5. Skipping ropes
  6. Bosu balls
  7. Kettlebells
  8. Medicine balls
  9. Wobble boards
  10. Fit Mag resistance cables

Your body weight actually is an amazingly effective exercise tool! Our trainers could do a balanced challenging session with no equipment at all, just by using their exhaustive library of body weight exercises. We are also experts in using home furniture, stairs, railings, park furniture and everyday items in innovative ways.