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Get Better at Running, Rowing, Sport; The 4 Stages of Progress

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There will most likely come a time when whatever sport you do you will plateau. It may be that something is holding you back. You feel fit enough but just can’t seem to run any faster. You are getting aches that you think you should not. In these situations its likely that the problem lies with your technique, a muscular imbalance, lack of flexibility in a  particular area or another problem that you might not be aware of. For this blog I have chosen the example of running, but the theory stands true no matter what sport you do.

To improve and get better it’s helpful to have a look at the 4 stages of improvement:

1 – Unconscious incompetence.

2 – Conscious incompetence.

3 – Conscious competence.

4 – Unconscious competence.

The first one, unconscious incompetence may well be where you are now. There is something wrong with your technique but you don’t even know it. It may be a running style that you evolved from early age that is not quite right. You feel that you should be going faster but can’t figure out why not. It might be a muscular imbalance, or even poor trainers.

The second one is the first step to improvement – there’s somehting wrong with your running, but you now know what it is. The best way of getting to this stage is to enlist the help of a professional. A gait analysis, running coach, personal trainer or perhaps even a self video (if you know lots about running form) are the best ways of finding out what you are doing incorrectly. Once you know that you are doing something poorly, and have identified it, you can now move on to stage 3!

With work and the right type of corrective exercises you can now start to get to the point where you are beginning to correct the poor technique that was holding you back. It takes practice and a conscious effort but you are now beginning to feel the benefits and to learn the correct technique. You are going faster!!

Finally, after some hard work you will find that all the little things that you have been conciously working on become automatic.

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