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Good luck to our Personal Training clients in this year’s Windsor half marathon

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It’s that time of year again and there are, as I write, only 3 days left until the Windsor half marathon. This year we have two of our clients taking part, JH and NA. By now you should have got all your longer runs in as well as the cross training and stretching needed to get you to the starting line in tip top shape. It’s important now to taper training, so the last short run should have been yesterday or today, and a couple of days of rest and gentle stretching are in order. The warm up before the race is also very important, remember to warm up, walking then go into into jogging, then some side jogging, followed with high knees, heel kicks to the bum and hot coal running a-la chariots of fire. When warm, stretch all the major muscle groups, then re-heat, starting gently and going through all the ¬†running drills and finally finish with some dynamic stretching.

Saturday and Friday evening are carbohydrate loading days, this is a rare opportunity to pig out on foods that we would normally reccomend that you eat only sparingly, so have lots of potatoes, pasta, lean protein and vegetables!

Good luck!

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