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Have fun with a Personal Trainer in Ascot

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We are actually based in ascot, so I thought today might be as good a time as any to blog about some of the great places that we train our clients in and around Ascot. Of course we do home training, and put our personal training clients through their paces in their gardens, homes and gyms, but we also love getting people outdoors wherever possible. It’s more fun, varied, the fresh air makes you feel good and you burn more calories when it’s colder! One of the first great venues to leap about with your personal trainer in Ascot is the racecourse itself. It was Queen Anne who first saw the potential for a racecourse at Ascot, which in those days was called East Cote. Whilst out riding in 1711, she came upon an area of open heath, not far from Windsor Castle, that looked an ideal place for “horses to gallop at full stretch.”

The first race meeting ever held at Ascot took place on Saturday 11 August 1711. Her Majesty’s Plate, worth 100 guineas and open to any horse, mare or gelding over the age of six, was the inaugural event. Each horse was required to carry a weight of 12st and seven runners took part. The central heathland within the racecourse is public land, and there is an additional tarmac path running around the perimeter. There are also several very long flights of stairs, and all of these are used by our personal trainers for sessions with clients. The stairs are obviously only for those ones who are either very fit or very deserving of punishment! But the track around the outside is great for running, and there’s lots of grassy space in the central bit for resistance training, kettlebells and so on.

Another great area is Swinley forest, closer to Bracknell. This huge area of forest is given over to paths and cycle lanes, as well as having tree top climbing, a cafe and large car park. There are also lots of roman ruins and earthworks, and the three castles path also goes through it. It is also a great place to train, especially if you have a mountain bike; for most clients we have the option of real mountain biking, as opposed to cycling on a machine in the gym while watching “Loose Women”.

Not far from Ascot is Virginia Water Lake, an extension of Windsor great park, which is famous for it’s scenic walks and rhododendrons which flower in spring with stunning effect. Great for a walk, our trainers also use Virginia Water for running and personal trainer/client sessions. It’s great for training for a 10k, as it’s 4.3 miles around the main lake path, there are also lots of hills and paths that lead up and aroud the Guards polo club. By taking these you can increase the distance in the run. There are also lots of private green spaces and hideaways for resistance training and circuit training.

Home training does not have to be outdoors though; lots of our clients in Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead have their personal trainer sessions indoors. We don’t need lots of space; just this morning I  have done a (relatively-you’ll have to ask the victim) fun session with a personal trainer client in his kitchen, as we do every week. With a bit of imagination and the right kit home training can be great too, and there is always the option of getting outdoors into the scenery and fresh air.

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