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Health Scare of the Week-Diabetes

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Some 7 million people in the UK are harbouring a condition known as pre-diabetes, which makes them 12 times  as likely to suffer from full blown adult onset type 2 diabetes, a charity has warned. More formally called impaired glucose regulation syndrome the condition includes some symptoms of diabetes, such as high blood sugar levels, and tends to occur in people who are overweight and suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol, says BBC online.

Type 2 diabetes can lead to long term complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, amputation and blindness, but diabetes UK, which produced the report, says that in many cases this pre-diabetes can be reversed if people take more exercise, lose weight and have a more balanced diet.

Our personal trainers at Diets Don’t Work are qualified to train special populations, including diabetics. We can prescribe an exercise routine not just for the sessions with a personal trainer, but more importantly for you to do on your own. We also specialise in sustainable changes to eating habits, and try to make these as simple and achievable as possible.

The key as I have reiterated time and time again in these blogs is to be pre-emptive, so exercising enough while eating sensibly most of the time so that there is a little bit of leeway allowing our personal trainer clients to have some fun too! As well as maintaining a healthy cardio vascular system, resistance training is also of paramount importance for diabetics. Increased muscle mass and muscle tone will help greatly to regulate blood glucose levels.

Have your cake and eat it, just make sure that output is so high that you stay fit and trim nonetheless!!

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