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For years scientists have been telling us to follow a Mediterranean diet, but new research shows that there is also an alternative option that is being called the Nordic diet. Olive oil, tomatoes and citrus fruits are replaced with rapeseed oil, berries and Brussels sprouts. Studies have shown that berries like blueberries which flourish in the cold are full of anti-oxidants that prevent heart disease and cancers. Rapeseed oil makes an excellent alternative to olive oil, and vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and cabbage contain high levels of vitamin K which helps the blood to coagulate. Scientists at the university of Copenhagen are now working on a project to develop this Nordic eating plan so that it is superior in both health benefits and taste to the Mediterranean option. Remember that at Diets Don’t Work we include nutritional assessment and help with all block bookings of personal training (that’s 6 sessions or more) so a double sided approach gives you a much higher chance of success.

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