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How Anger Can prove Fatal

By March 11, 2009 November 28th, 2011 No Comments

Losing your temper can be fatal says the Daily Mail. Doctors in the US have discovered that feelings of rage can triger potentially lethal irregular heart rhythms. This also ties in with other scientific findings that stress caused by major events, from the loss of a world cup to war, can also cause a rise in rates of heart attack. “when you put a whole nation under sudden stress, sudden death will increase said the research from Yale University. In the study 62 adults were fitted with defibrillators to monitor irregularities in heart rates. They were then subjected to high levels of mental stress. The tests showed a clear link between the stress and irregular heart beats. Furthermore those who got the most angry were 10 times more likely to sufer cardiac arrest in the 3 years after the test.

Again the study comes as no news to the personal trainers at Diets Don’t Work. We see the indirect and direct results of stress very day in our clients. More often than not the more successful they are the more they tend to have problems with sleep, body image, stress and eating. The good news is that the structured exercise provided by personal training coupled with healthy eating tips and all round encouragement really helped battle these stresses.    

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