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How to Beat the Blues

By April 14, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Today I am going to start a ten day personal trainer series on how to stay cheerful and positive, and it’s not just based on exercise. New research from the mental health foundation charity show that the mental health of the nation is not great;from economy pressures to family stresses we could all do with ways to beat the blues. These charities have come up with 10 ways to stay positive, and of course exercise is one of them. So here’s number one..

LightboxesThe effect of long winters, some say, can be shortened with the use of lightboxes, which deliver a dose of bright light similar to daylight to alleviate seasonal depression. “Certainly, there’s enough people in the two hemispheres who say ‘thank God it’s summer, I feel so much better’, and that may be because it’s light, or to do with heat,” says Phillip Hodson, a fellow of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. “A lot of people swear by lightboxes.” Attitudes to the mood-lifting qualities of light are strong in northern climes such as Scandinavia, which has long, dark winters.

“The fact is, northern winters are pretty long and pretty hard, and if you’re going to die of starvation that’s the time to do it! A light box is something well worth trying. Put it this way, there’s been one in our house for 25 years. My partner has one, and she says it really makes a difference.”

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