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How to Beat the Blues No. 2

By April 15, 2009 November 29th, 2011 No Comments

Today it’s the second instalment on how to beat the blues!

2. Get out in the garden

Gardening has often been cited as a hobby ripe for getting people out of depression. That’s because it takes people out of their own thoughts and helps them focus on something that needs their care and attention, says Dr David Harper, a reader in clinical psychology at the University of East London. “You’re feeling close to nature by being outside and nurturing nature in some way. It connects you to a broader world out there. And if you’re growing things, that’s going to give you a feeling that you’re sustaining things.”

 This tip today is of course included in personal training  at Diets Don’t Work, as in home personal training we are outdoors as often as possible, and in the average week you would be surprised how little we get rained off. Although not quite personal training, gardening is an extremely good form of exercise, and is also very good for the mind, as it is both soothing and satisfing to watch the steady progress of one’s garden.

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