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How to Beat the Blues Part 4

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Cook a meal from scratch

“Food is destiny,” Mr Hodson (a fellow of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) says. “We are what we eat in every sense of the word. And food is the physical pleasure that lasts longest in life.”

Chopping spring onions on a board

Turn your back on takeaways and cook a meal from scratch

There’s a sense of self worth in gathering ingredients and cooking a meal – one that grows the better we know the recipe so that we can do it almost on autopilot, allowing our minds to wander even while preparing our food. “Independence requires that you can feed yourself. If you can’t cook you’re not an adult. You need to be able to give yourself harmony and balance, nourishment.”

By cooking yourself you will also be obeying the rule that personal trainers put above nearly all others; to try and maintain the principles of the wholefood diet, eating as much unprocessed food as possible, with no additives or preservatives. By following this wholefood nutrition you are not only ensuring that you are getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients, but also that you will find it much easier to maintain or get to a healthy weight. These wholefods are low in sugars and processed fats and are also usually calorie light, so you can have lots of them. Have a look at our free pdf fact sheet on nutrition, and give it a go. If you combine this home cooking with some structured and tailored exercise with one of our personal trainers then you will be fit and slim in no time!!

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