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How to Beat the Blues part 6-Give yourself a pat on the back!

By April 22, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Part 6 today of our beat the blues series, and although you may need some serious flexibility training form one of our London personal trainers to do this literally, it is really important to give yourself some positive reinforcement and congratulate yourself when you have done something well. It may sound od and you may feel foolish doing it for the first few times but psycologists emphasise the importance of mirror talk – positive encouragement in front the mirror – out loud.

Every day you should compliment yourself out loud. First of all, it’s probably going to make you laugh, and that releases endorphins. You identify with the sound of your own voice, because you listen to it in your own head, and you are also arrested by your own image. That message goes straight in!

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