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How to Beat the Blues Part 9-Seek Intimacy

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Part 9 of our how to beat the blues today is one I’m sure you will all like, seeking intimacy.

Be it going to the pub to meet your mates, visiting a family member for a long weekend, or having a sexual relationship with someone, intimate relationships are the most important key to good mental health, says Ms Blair, a mental health expert. “Having a meaningful relationship and reminding yourself that you do – either by visiting them or having sex with them – is really good to boost a sense of well-being. We are helpless as babies and it’s hardwired into us. Different people needs different amounts of intimacy, but we all need connections. “Just being part of a web that weaves together, and needs the other parts to exist.”

It may not seem connected but many of our London and Thames Valley personal training clients come to us single and fairly low on self esteem and confidence. Part of the all round approach at Diets Don’t Work is not just to make clients fitter and thinner but also to encourage them to try activities outside of training sessions that they might like, and also they might entail developing new relationships, whether they be just new friends or otherwise. Some clients have ended up joining running clubs (many local municipal leisure centres have nights when a personal trainer will take out runners of all abilities), other personal training clients have joined rowing clubs, a few have tried kayaking and are still sticking with it and some have even gone out and bought themselves mountain bikes and are loving that. So there really is a link between how good you feel about your self and how successfully you develop new relationships and acquaintances. Fitness and sporting clubs can be a really good way of doing this.

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