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How to Best the Blues Part 10-Good Things Take Time

By May 2, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

“Good relationships are fundamental to human happiness,” Ms Blair, a leading mental health specialist says. “But it’s probably not the thing that people would think of if you asked them on the street.” That is, she says, “because we’ve been bombarded with quick fixes”. We should embrace the fact that the most important things in our lives take time. “It’s the stuff that takes the most effort that gets us through the tough times,” she says. Many hobbies and skills take a long time to master, but it’s through persistence that these things are conquered and as a consequence the rewards are much greater and satisfying.

Just as quick fixes are proffered up constantly by the media for relationships, the same is true of exercise and weight loss. Losing weight too quickly will lead to failure in the long term due to loss of lean muscle mass (see our resistance training fact sheet). Only by constant application and steady gradual weight loss will you maintain muscle mass and ensure that you keep the weight off in the long term. Part of personal training is to give clients realistic sustainable goals for weight loss, and to maintain other things in your life this steady approach is also the most effective!

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