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How to Beat The Blues Part 8-Do Something for Someone Else

By April 27, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

To improve your happiness and well being you should do something for someone else for free. Britons work the longest hours in Europe, and many have a lengthy commute. Do we have the time to volunteer? Finding the time may help boost our spirits, experts say. For instance, the Canadian Mental Health Association says giving time for free “gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction that paid work cannot”.


Dr Harper, a leading psycologist says: “Increasingly we live in a society where people focus on work and leisure and that whole aspect of giving something back to a community has changed.” The fact people give so generously to charity shows they respond to helping others, he says. They can take it one step further. “It’s important to think about doing things locally. We need to build local communities. How about helping the neighbour next door, and getting to know the people in the next street.”

Originally I am fro Barbados, and was lucky enough to grow up there, and although there is a much higher discrepancy between the rich and the poor many of the ordinary people are much happier with what to us might seem like a more primitive and undeveloped way of life. Not many people have the internet or flat screen TVs but there is still a sense of community with village live more like it used to be in Britain 40 years ago. If someone has a heavy bearing mango tree then his or her friends in the village will be given some; the elderly are looked after by family close by or quite often by their neighbours; everyone is generally always looking out for everyone else, and there’s a true sense of community. These people are not rich, and yet by U.K. standards perhaps they have a better life than we do. By giving to others as this blog shows they are actually getting lots back.

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