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How to control a sex crazed elephant

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Not really a fitness related or personal training blog today, just something i read in the papers that was interesting. This information might also come in handy if you should find yourself faced with one and are not fit enough to run away.

There are few things in nature than a sex crazed elephant. When a male goes into “musth” his testosterone levels will soar and he will attack any human who gets in his way. Domesticated elephants in India are often starved until the madness passes, but scientists in the Estosha national Park in Namibia have developed a more humane method of control, says BBC online. After recording the low rumbling call of a female in heat, they use it to influence the direction of males on the rampage. This noise is almost inaudible to humans, but elephants can¬†sense it from miles away by feeling the vibrations in their legs and by laying their trunks on the ground. When the team from Stanford University buried speakers in the earth and played the recorded sound the response of males was “intense and directed”. The technique could be used to steer dangerous elephants away from villagers.

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