Our approach – how we do it

Our approach to personal training is all inclusive, we address both weight and fitness issues together.
Sessions include time-efficient workouts for you to do on your own along with real-world eating strategies to get you lean and trim.

Eat Better

how eat better

A dual approach – exercise and nutrition

One of the most common reasons people fail to get fit and lose weight is because they approach the problem from just one side. They either try diet alone or exercise alone. But your weight is an equation with two sides, exercise and nutrition. The Diets Don’t Work method addresses both these to achieve your weight and fitness goals. Our Personal Trainers are qualified nutritional therapists who can introduce professional nutritional analysis and help as well as amazing workouts. This double-sided approach is included at no extra charge with all block bookings of six or more personal training sessions.

Eating changes must be realistic and achievable

Our trainers also understand that changes need to be realistic and achievable. Long term success comes through sensible no fad eating and by following a whole food diet with lots of variety. You can eat a lot of food and feel full, it just needs to be the right type of food. If you travel a lot or seem constantly pressed for time we can give tips on how to improve nutrition even on the go. Our 80/20 rule allows for treats too. Healthy nutrition 80% of the time combined with structured exercise means that you have leeway for occasional treats and lapses.

Have your cake and eat it

Taking food away from people or banning it rarely works. Our open minded method allows you to continue to indulge but in a smarter way that will still create the calorie deficit needed for weight loss. If you need some chocolate as a reward swapping a Twix for Maltesers will save you nearly 200 calories. A Prosecco instead of a large glass of Chardonnay will save another 180. Small adaptations like these made one week at a time add up for sustainable life-long success.

Up to date, science based nutritional advice

Our nutritional counseling is developed and supported by the latest scientific research. We look at often ignored aspects of eating for health and vitality: timing and frequency of meals, the link between insulin and fat storage, correct endocrine function and the often conflicting advice of both media and government.

Train Smart

train smart

Professionally designed workouts for fast progress

Our highly qualified and fully equipped personal trainers design time-efficient and targeted workouts that will make the most of your efforts. All the components of fitness are covered in your sessions for maximum calorie burn and rapid fitness gains.

Strength training – the secret weapon for weight loss

Especially for women – strenth training will boost the metabolic rate, burning fat outside sessions, all day long. Compound moves like squats, lunges and deadlifts won’t make you bulky, but will start to tone and sculpt you; strength training also strengthens bones, helps co-ordination and really builds confidence.

No endless cardio

Long sessions cardio have been replaced with short bouts of HIIT (high intensity cardio-vascular intervals). This is proven to be more effective in building fitness and burning fat in less time. As you progress and become fitter, our trainers introduce advanced techniques like super-setting, pyramids and circuit-based routines for maximum calorie burn in a short space of time. It’s not just about telling you what to do either. As we work together all these systems will become tools in your toolbox that you can use on your own for time-efficient homework that fits into your life.

Train at a level you are comfortable with

The intensity of the sessions is also carefully matched to your ability. Although you do need to work hard to get fitter, we will start at a level you’re comfortable with and progress you from there.

Setting goals that are right for you

A first principle of the Diets Don’t Work Method is that we always start by discussing with clients what their goals are and often find ourselves helping to more clearly define and recognise them. These goals should be right, tangible, realistic and hence achievable. We then design a personal training and nutrition programme for you around these goals.  Our comprehensive initial assessment takes a detailed look at your past and how this led to your present situation, it gives us a clear idea of your current level of fitness and also ensures that you are safe to begin an exercise regime.

Think Positive

positive thinking
Targeting mental attitudes

The psychological component of stress, comfort and addictive eating are also areas that we tackle.  We coach clients to expect occasional blips and recognise them as that – not trends. We also emphasise that although initial gains are usually hard to get, as they progress maintaining fitness and weight is hugely easier then getting there…with professional help it’s not a permanent battle. If extra help is needed referral to counseling, NLP, hypnotherapy and recruitment of friends and family are ways that we deal with difficult cases if necessary.

Setting finite goals and creating accountability

Vague goals like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fitter” are difficult to pursue, while success is hard to measure. Breaking goals down into short, medium and long term targets makes them more achievable. Adding accountability through social media, sponsorship and sharing goals with friends and family will also help you stay on it when the going gets tough. A first principle of the Diets Don’t Work Method is that we always start by discussing with clients what their goals are and often find ourselves helping to more clearly define and recognise them.

Digital calorie tracking for clarity and certainty

Most people fail to lose weight because their perceptions do not match their reality. Their “chimp” brain convinces them that they haven’t eaten too much, didn’t indulge and should be on track. When this isn’t reflected in reality they get disappointed and give up. “It’s impossible for me to lose weight”. Sound familiar? Digital calorie tracking using apps provides a full set of accounts for us to look at together and removes doubt, uncertainty and disappointment.

Live Well

live well
Lifestyle change outside of the sessions

As we go we encourage clients to find fun and enjoyable activities or sports that they can fit in and can carry on for life. We coach on the importance of balance, sleep and time with loved ones as an important part of the fitness process.

Lifestyle screening process

Our screening process also includes a lifestyle assessment where you score yourself on quality of sleep, self esteem, body image and stress. These are important factors in your overall well being and can directly affect your eating. Building this all round picture of where you are now, helps us to develop a more effective plan of action to take you forward.

Hormonal balance

Your hormones can play havoc with your weight, health and fitness so we include tips and advice on hormonal balance. The role of insulin in fat storage, and the part that hormones play in hunger, mood, feelings of fullness and cravings are all important aspects of the health and fitness equation.

Sleep tight

Lack of proper sleep is very detrimental to health and makes weight loss particularly hard. Techniques to help you sleep are part of all block bookings where needed. We can advise on the timing and type of exercise that will help (or hinder sleep), foods to avoid at bed time and apps that we rate to help you sleep soundly.