The Diets Don’t Work Method is a multi-faceted approach, which addresses both weight and fitness issues together. We include smart, time efficient workouts for you to do on your own along with real-world eating strategies to get you lean and trim. We also have one of the UK’s largest article libraries in our blog, with wide ranging topics and shortcuts to long lasting health and fitness.

Personal Trainer in Virginia WaterTrain at home

Wouldn’t you love it if you didn’t have to go to a gym? Our Personal Trainers come to you and the sessions take place in your home, in your garden or in parks and green spaces local to you.

balanced eating and personal trainingA dual approach

The Diets Don’t Work Method is based on combining fitness or sports training with nutritional assessment and real-world eating strategies.

tailored personal training in Windsor, maidenhead and SunningdaleA personal, tailored service

We focus on your goals and develop Personal Training and dietary programmes for you that fit in and around your lifestyle.

Unique training methodology

We use a range of different training routines that are time efficient and balanced covering all aspects of fitness. Fully adaptable for beginners to advanced.

All equipment provided

We have portable, versatile and functional kit that our trainers bring with them. Everything you need for a full workout.

Highly qualified trainers

Our trainers are all highly educated and trained, minimum REPS level 3 advanced instructors, who are also fun to work with.