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I am a Girl, will weight Training give me Horrid Big Muscles? Fitness Myths Explained

By March 1, 2010 January 20th, 2019 No Comments

True and False. It really depends on the type of weight training that you are doing. As we have reiterated time and time again weight or strength training is a vital part of any fitness programme, whether for men or women. It becomes increasingly valuable as we get older. As a female you do not have much testosterone, the hormone largely responsible for muscle growth, so even if you train really hard with the weights it is unlikely that you will bulk up. However if you don’t want to look like a weight lifter or one of the Williams sisters, don’t train like one. Keep the repetitions high (14-20) and have shorter rests between sets (from none at all to 30 seconds). Training like this will tone the muscles (an appearance of firmness) and also help to raise your metabolic rate not just during training but all the time. This burns lots of fat! Doing heavy weights to failure where you can only do 8 or so repetitions will build more muscle size, and while this sort of training is a good way to periodise your regime (vary what you are doing very 6 weeks or so) it might not be wise to train like this all the time.

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