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I am a slight female, and would like to try personal training, will resistance training make me too muscly?

By December 8, 2008 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

From time to time we got personal training clients who don’t need weight loss but want to get fitter and round off angles. These are usually the slighter women, those lean types that seem to be able to eat anything they want and stay skinny. They are also usually good at running, so don’t challenge any of these types to a 10k. With this type of body shape, it can be a danger that resistance training and sometimes ven cardiovascular work can increase the lean look that these personal training clients have and make them look too beefy. The trick here, if you are one of these lean mean ladies, is to stay in the endurance range for any resistance training, so use lighter weights and do more reps. It’s still really important, remember, that you do weight bearing exercise, (stronger bones, increased co-ordination etc, see previous blog on resistance training), but stick to this higher range. We also recommend that these clients try to eat more good fats-these are usually plant or vegetable oils high in unsaturated fat, and will help by adding a small layer of fat on top of the now toned muscles to give that fab strong but not too angular or skinny look that we see on stars like Jessica Alba and J-lo. We are talking small amounts here, don’t go crazy! It’s also advised to keep your resistance training to the major muscle groups; it’s not sensible if you want shapely arms, and are already fairly thin to do tons of isolation biceps work, or they really will start to bulge! And finally remember to work on that all important core, so that you are toned inside and out.

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