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Inspirational Olympics

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The inspirational Olympics have been largely responsible for my less than regular blog writing over the last couple of weeks, I do apologise. I thought the rugby world cup of 2003 where we beat the Aussies in Australia was the greatest sporting event I had ever witnessed, but then along came Beijing. It has been the most awe inspiring 2 weeks, and I have been moved to tears on several occasions. The magnificent rowers coming back from behind to win gold (men’s coxless fours), the South African swimmer Natalie du Troit not only qualifying but coming 16th with only one leg in the 10,000m swim, Christine Ohuruogu timing her race to perfection and (almost) silencing her critics, to name a few. The amount of effort and sacrifice put in by these and all the other athletes should inspire us all to get out there and do some exercise. You don’t have to be a world class anything, just give it a go. Head out for a trot, get your kids a bike, get YOURSELF a bike!

As for some members of the UK press, suggesting that London can’t possibly follow up the games in China, that Scotland should compete on it’s own, that Christine Ohuruogu should have been banned from the games, that some of the sports that we have been successful in are elitist etc etc – SHAME ON YOU. What matters is how tremendously well we have done NOW, and how we can win as Great Britain doing things together for once. Perhaps for a new spectator sport in 2012 we could have a moaning contest – if entered, sections of our media would surely be in for the gold. 

I am very fit and fairly sporty (I am after all a personal trainer, it’s important we walk the walk) and although possibly over the hill at 37 I am now racking my brain to come up with an event that I might have a chance in for 2012. Not sure I can even think about matching the huge efforts put in by our athletes day in day out but it’s a nice thought anyway. I swear if I was 15 I would be doing it though…

Those who had to walk off the plane yesterday with nothing to show for all their hard work who had to suffer the fate of the “nearly there” and came 4th – you have made a tremendous effort, well done and we hope your hearts and bodies and minds will recover from this heartbreak asap so you can get back into training and go for it again!

The medalists – we salute you all. Thank you for inspiring us all so much and working so hard for so long. It has been an honour to witness your achievements over the past 2 weeks, you have been an inspiration to us all. Britain is very, very proud, and we all can’t wait until 2012! 


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