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Is pollution making us fat?

By September 22, 2008 December 13th, 2011 No Comments

Exposure to pollution could be making us fat, a new study from Spain shows. For a study published in the Acta Paediatrica scientists measured levels of a pesticide called hexachlorobenzine (HCB) in the umbilical cords of 403 children born on the island of Menorca. The children were then examined aged 6. The results showed that those with the highest levels of HCB were twice as likely to be obese. HCB has been banned since thse tests, but it remains in the environment. In any case, other man made chemicals may have a similar effect: research on animals has indicated a link between obesity and Bisphenol A (which is used in baby bottles); organotins (which is found in anti-fouling paints on ships and now present in fish; and phthalates (found in various cosmetics). Dubbed “obesogens” these chemicals are now so widespread that nearly everyone has them in their bodies.

Don’t worry, this is just another motivation to eat as naturally as you can,get some effective exercise and take care of your body – the only one you’ve got. If you can’t quite gee yourself up then we of course suggest some fab personal training, even if it’s just once a week. We can also help to sort out your nutrition and so counter the effects of these nasty chemicals!

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